Your hosts are Karen Huys, Eric Coleridge and their young son, Benjamin. 

Eric Coleridge’s Newfoundland ancestors date back to the early 1800s, when the first Norwegian jumped ship. Self-employed in heritage carpentry, Eric learned the trade from his father, who, in turn, learned it from his grandfather. Eric’s workmanship can be seen throughout the community and Maidment House. 

Karen Huys grew up in London, Ontario. She first came to Trinity on holiday in June 2001. Unable to shake the lure of Trinity, she promptly packed her bags and moved here, taking a two-month leave from her job as a flight attendant at a national airline. In the first month of her leave, 9/11 happened. As the twin towers went down, Karen walked by Eric’s window. Eric figured that “if the world was coming to an end, he had as good a chance as any with the new missus in town” and the next day he came knocking. Karen purchased the house that would become Maidment House Bed & Breakfast, and later, married the man with the warm smile who had come knocking. Karen learned the history of the area by listening to stories around the supper table at the Coleridge’s. 

We work and reside year-round in Trinity. We spend winters in the workshop making heritage wooden windows and doors. On fine winter days, we enjoy lunch in the woods with the gray jays, while logging. Our son Benjamin brightens our days, and we’re grateful to have his grandparents just up the road. Your support of our business allows us to earn a living and care for our family in this beautiful place. We thank you for considering a stay with us.