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Rugged Beauty Boat Tours


Bruce Miller of Rugged Beauty Boat Tours, offers a unique opportunity to experience a defining epoch in Newfoundland history - resettlement. Between 1954 and 1975, the provincial government moved families out of smaller communities to reduce the need for infrastructure including health care, schools, postal service, utilities and roads. The houses and churches left behind fell down where they stood, unless they were floated away to a new location or dismantled and rebuilt in a neighbouring community. Bruce's boat tour departs from New Bonaventure - a twenty to thirty minute drive from Trinity. He offers you the option to hike back from resettled British Harbour. A fairly strenuous, but beautiful two hour hike one-way, you pass through resettled Kerley's Harbour, and the Random Passage Site.

Random Passage & Film Sites

Random Passage - a mini-series based on books by Bernice Morgan about life in 1800's outport Newfoundland, was filmed near New Bonaventure. You can explore "Cape Random" - the fishing village, circa 1800, created for the film.  There's a tea room, with local fare, in the old school house, where you buy tickets to the Random Passage site. You can also visit “Joe’s Bar” from The Grand Seduction - a charming film about an outport community's efforts to attract a doctor.

Day Trip to Bonavista

Walk atop a collapsed sea cave called the Dungeon on Cape Bonavista. Tour the Bonavista lighthouse and climb the tower to see the old, rare style of light used here. Explore the Matthew - a reproduction of the wooden boat in which Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) discovered the new world (the poop deck and gift shop are always a hit with kids). Experience the history of the cod fishery, whaling, and sealing, at the Ryan Premises, a National (bilingual) Historic Site. Understand Newfoundlanders by learning the history of the merchant trade with England - a system of trade in which wealthy English merchants determined both the price they paid for fish they purchased from the local fisherman, and the price of goods the fisherman relied on to survive here, which usually resulted in the fisherman and their families remaining in a constant state of debt and poverty.  Take in a musical performance at the historic Garrick Theatre, as part of the Saturday Summer Music Series.